Why Your Children Need Loose Parts

These days, it seems we have started to stray away from fancy, technologically advanced toys and are returning to our roots with simplistic loose parts. “What are loose parts?,” you may be wondering. Loose parts are usually made from wood and include items such as clothespins, rings, spools, balls, sticks, coins, and much more. Loose parts are meant to be simple to allow for maximum freedom. Giving your child loose parts will allow them to have fun with their imagination, as they can be used for stacking, grouping, or creating new fun games to play. 

These loose parts are great for developing hand-eye coordination in younger kids, shape and color recognition, learning, and so much more. Since loose parts are made of wood, you have many options when it comes to color! Taking a day to paint the parts with your child could be a fun learning experience and craft day.

A good way to get started with loose parts is by purchasing a sensory toy kit. There are a few different sensory kits for sale in my Etsy shop, ToyingAround.

This sensory tray offers a variety of loose parts to stimulate your child’s imagination. The peg people are perfect for decorating and dressing up. The bucket and scoop are great for helping your child with motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This sensory tray set offers bigger peg people, coins and a scoop, and rings. The rings are perfect for stacking and the coins can be great to use in games.

This last sensory tray set is cooking-themed and comes with a rolling pill, table, and kitchen-themed tray. The opportunities with this tray are endless and your children are sure to be entertained for hours as they use their imaginations with these loose parts.

I offer a few more sensory tray sets in my Etsy shop if you’re interested in more loose parts: