3 DIY Crafting Party Ideas

3 DIY Crafting Party Ideas

Summer is officially here, which means bring on the parties! Be it a BBQ, pool party or birthday celebration, no get-together is complete without some DIY magic. A DIY crafting party offers a fun and interactive activity to be enjoyed by all ages, no matter the occasion.

Below are some must-have supplies to get the party started. Happy Crafting!

Wooden Yo-Yos

This one is for the kiddos. Bring these yo-yos to life with your favorite paint colors and design. As a bonus, both adults and kids can join in on the yo-yo tricks after painting them. Some fun DIY activities include hand painting, decorating with embellishments, wood burning or stamping!

Multi-Purpose Wood Jars

These jars not only make a fun DIY crafting party activity, but are very functional accessories. The options are endless. Showcase them on your desk or table. Add them to your wedding decor. If you have a young child, they make the perfect Tooth Fairy boxes. Whatever the use, these wooden jars will be a favorite at your crafting party. Just remember to supply guests with the necessary tools to paint, stain or stamp them.

DIY Wooden Rings

No DIY crafting party would be complete without these fantastic wooden rings. There are so many uses for them, I hope I don’t leave any out! They are sure to add to the fun of any event. Use them as wedding napkin rings (size 1.5″), key chains, ring toss (size 3″), teethers (size 3″), play silk streamers or ornaments (for a great holiday DIY activity).

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