Spooky Crafts for the Month of October

The most spook-tacular month is here! It’s time to get the whole family in the Halloween spirit. What better way to do that than with some spooky crafts? Here are a few of my favorites. Happy Crafting!

Halloween-Themed Yos Yos

Customize your wooden yo yos to get into the Halloween spirit! Do-it-yourself projects include hand painting, decorating with embellishments, wood burning or stamping. Perhaps paint a spider web (as pictured above) or a pumpkin! Regardless of how you decorate them, these yo yos make the perfect Halloween party favors. 

Little Wooden Witches or Zombies 

These wooden girls can become anything, so why not decorate them to match your Halloween décor? This makes for a fun craft you can do with the entire family. Also, these pieces will last for years to come! Let your creativity and imagination shine. Here are a few Halloween-themed craft ideas…

  • Adams Family
  • Mummies
  • Witches
  • Zombies 

Client-Inspired Glowing Tops 

This last suggestion is inspired by my client, Keith Enevoldsen. Just look at what he did with my wooden tops!

“I spray painted them with two coats of fluorescent green (so they glow brightly under ultraviolet light) and then two coats of glow-in-the-dark (so they glow dimly without ultraviolet light). When you spin them fast, the glowing “eye” spot pops up. I plan to give them out as Halloween treats.”

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