Redecorating Your Home… DIY Style

It’s crazy how expensive it can be to decorate your home. Skip the overpriced décor and craft your own DIY accent pieces to give your home a more personal feel. Plus, just imagine how great it’ll feel when guests ask where your homemade items are from… they’re from you, by the way. Happy Crafting!

Small Wood Finials

A must for any redecorating venture, my small finials are very versatile and fit a variety of your decorating and embellishing needs. Options include adding them to…

  • the end of a small curtain rod
  • the top of a small box or jar
  • shelves

and more!

Wood Pillar Candlestick Holders

My tall wood pillar candlestick holders make a beautiful addition to your fireplace, tables or dining room table. Each candlestick is ready to be stained, spray painted or painted with acrylic in a color that matches your décor. This set can make a room go from drab to fab!

Wooden Bowls

Ready to really use your crafty side? Get ready to paint, burn, stamp or decoupage these wooden bowls to match your décor. Or leave them as is! They make a great addition to your kitchen, or can be used as jewelry bowls.

Cake Stands/Candlestick Holders

These wooden items have two different uses… candlestick holders or cake stands! They are a great way to decorate your home. Simply add your ideal color to them by staining, painting or spray painting. They are sure to complete the look of any room in your home.

Whether you’re looking to freshen up the look of your home with a couple pieces, or are trying to completely change up your current décor, DIY projects will help add that personal touch to your redecorating.

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