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DIY Unfinished Wood Toys
DIY Unfinished Wood Toys are a great piece for your child. Our unfinished pieces allow for your child to do with each piece what he/she pleases. We offer most of our products in different sizes as well as different quantities.
One of our best sellers is our Wooden Toy Yo-Yo as kids love playing with them as well as customizing their own.  You can also grab a set of our Small Wooden Trees which is great during the holiday season for Christmas time. All of our DIY Unfinished Wood Toys are great pieces to work on and will give countless hours of entertainment.  Hobknobin even offers a great game from the 80’s for kids known as the Plop in the Top. It was a fun game kids loved back in the day and with our unfinished version it will sure be a talking piece for your kids.

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