I Just Read Your Feedback


Have you seen links to humorous Amazon reviews and followed them? They are usually left as jokes on funny products, but are sometimes written as actual feedback for a product that the customer was either extremely happy or dissatisfied with. While we may not take those reviews seriously, actual product reviews and feedback for small businesses on the web are invaluable.


In many cases, online feedback is taking the place of “word-of-mouth” recommendations for small businesses. Rather than asking a trusted resource, many people will use a search engine to find what they are looking for and then read the reviews to determine whether or not to trust a business. If there are no reviews, most people will simply move on to the next option.


Customers look for information on products, as well as shipping efficiency, communication, and ease of ordering. All of that information is important to evaluate when you are leaving a review. Your reviews don’t need to be long and involved, but make sure you cover the bases of your experience!


Feedback and reviews are also an excellent way for a business owner to evaluate their products and customer service. Prior to leaving a negative review, however, you should reach out to the business to attempt to work out your issues. No business wants to see negative feedback and most will go out of their way to try to fix whatever went wrong. Only after attempting to communicate with the business should you leave negative or critical feedback. After receiving reviews, many business owners will reevaluate their offerings to better fit their customer’s needs. In some cases, neutral or negative feedback is all it takes to completely change how a business does things!


Leaving feedback for an online business is so important to both the business owner and other potential customers. Reading feedback helps to establish trust and assists the business in bringing in new clients. We appreciate every bit of feedback we receive and will always use it to improve on our offerings.


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