Fun Stocking Stuffers for Young Children

Christmas is a magical time of year for both children and those young at heart. But playing the role of Santa’s helper can sometimes feel like quite a financial burden. However, stocking stuffers and gifts don’t necessarily need to break the piggy bank!

Here are 3 fun stocking stuffer ideas for the little ones on your list.

Baby Rings

There are so many uses for these smooth maple wooden rings. They are perfect for baby teethers, baby’s first ornaments, ring toss, or holiday craft activities with the kids. These rings come in 6 sizes, from 1.5” all the way up to 3”, making them an easy choice for multipurpose DIY holiday craft projects.

Miniature Bowling Game

Little ones will love this miniature bowling set of ten wooden 3-3/4″ bowling pins. Line them up on your floor or table, roll the solid wooden 2″ ball towards your bowling pins and see how many pins your little one can knock down- YAY! Choose from 4 different sizes–1.5″ to 5″ in height.

This educational bowling game teaches hand-eye coordination and counting. I selected a 2″ ball for three reasons:

  1. It doesn’t pose as a choking hazard.
  2. It’s heavy enough to knock the wooden bowling pins over
  3. It’s a great size for small hands!

Note: Decorated pins shown as an example for illustration purposes only.


Ball-in-cup is a timeless game for children (and adults who are feeling nostalgic). It is a perfect game to play at birthday parties, give as a stocking stuffer or to keep your child busy while traveling. This unfinished wooden game comes hand painted or ready for you to paint (as shown in the picture above).

Shopping for others, especially your children and grandchildren, is always fun. Keep the fun going by remembering you can also save money by supplementing their stockings with these fun and personalized DIY gifts.

Oh what fun it is to give the best stocking stuffers this holiday season!

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