Four DIY Summer Activities

Summer is officially here! Schools are out and you and your kids may be finding yourselves with more downtime due to the current situation. If you’re looking for projects to fill up your days this summer, I have the perfect list of 4 DIY activities you can do with friends, with children, or simply by yourself!

Wooden Bird House DIY

Now that the weather is warm, you may have noticed many types of birds buzzing around your backyard! Painting a birdhouse is a great project to do with kids or alone. It’s a fun craft to tackle and you can even make it a teachable moment with children by discussing the different birds, ecosystems, and bird species. I sell these wooden birdhouses in my shop in a variety of sizes. Plan to spend a nice summer day outside painting and birdwatching!

Summer Wreath DIY

Making a wooden wreath is simple and only requires a few materials. You can purchase the wood half-split balls in my shop and the wooden ring and fake flowers can be purchased at any craft store or online. I enjoy making seasonal wreaths to brighten my front door and to add a pop of color to my house. You can get very creative with this project and it’s an easy DIY to do on a relaxing summer afternoon.

Wood Honey Dippers DIY

If you have a big imagination and love being crafty, this project is for you! I sell wood honey dippers of various sizes in my shop. They can be used for a multitude of different projects; ultimately it’s up to you to decide how you want to use them! I especially love what one of my clients came up with using the wood honey dippers. The honey dippers with the sunflower and bumblebee décor are the perfect craft for summertime. I would love to see what you come up with! Don’t forget to tag me on Facebook or Instagram at @Hobknobin! 

Paddle Fan Sticks DIY

A fun, inexpensive, and creative way to keep you cool this summer is by making your own paddle fans! I sell the sticks in my shop and they can easily be painted, decorated, and hot glued onto a paper plate. These fan sticks can be a great project for young kids. They can decorate a paper plate with sequins, glitter, or paint and attach it to their sticks. It’s a great project to have in your back pocket if you are a parent or caregiver.

These 4 DIYs are perfect for the extra time you or your family may have off this summer. If you decide to try any of these DIYs, please tag me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at @Hobknobin!

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