Five Back-to-(Virtual) School DIY Learning Projects

Time to sharpen those pencils and pack that sack lunch, because it’s that time of year again! Only this time, the 2020-2021 school year is looking quite different for most students. For a lot of schools, the school year will begin online. This unprecedented event presents many parents with new challenges, such as setting up virtual learning areas in their homes and navigating the “teacher” role so to speak. 

So how can you keep your child engaged with their school work when it’s completely online? Well, I have some ideas! These five back-to-(virtual) school DIYs cover a variety of school subjects and can be manipulated to any specific topic your student may be learning. These DIY projects are best suited for (but not limited to) young learners.    

Apple Box

This unfinished apple is actually a jar and is the perfect activity for a young child. I also sell smaller sized apples in my shop that fit in the jar. You can use this activity with your child to play counting games or perhaps use it as a reward system for good behavior. Another great DIY with this project is to have your child decorate their apple and keep it on their desk while they work.

ABC Blocks

These ABC blocks are extremely versatile and can be used as a tool for many spelling and reading games. They’re perfect for younger learners. There are many fun games you can play, such as assigning your child a random letter and seeing how many words they can make with that letter, writing stories, etc. I recommend you purchase two sets of blocks from my shop for more spelling options.

Solar System DIY

This solar system set comes unfinished so the painting possibilities are endless! It’s the perfect science project for young students who are learning about the Solar System. This could turn into a fun project by having your child research fun facts or information about each planet. It’s a great science project that is sure to keep them busy for a while.

Sensory Toy Kit

This little sensory kit includes many different toys and pieces—the perfect way to entertain young ones for hours. You can even add dry rice or beans to elevate the sensory experience. There are many different DIYs and games that can be played with this kit, and because it’s a hands-on activity, it’s the perfect break from all the screen time and virtual learning. 

Plop in the Top Game

This last DIY is a fun and simple game to give to small children. It’s a great game for young kids because it helps them improve their hand-eye coordination. The toys also come unfinished so it can also be used as a separate art project to do with younger kids.

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