How My Donut Stands Ended Up At J-Lo’s House!

2019 is already off to a great start! The Executive Pastry Chef of the Chica has been using my stands to display her renowned Churro Towers. The chef herself, Sara Mae, sent me the sweetest note about how much of a hit the stands are! 

“Hello Shyla and Happy New Year! I purchased some adorable doughnut stands from you about 2 months ago and absolutely love them!!! I am The Executive Pastry Chef at Chica inside the Venetian, and I am using them to display my Churro Tower which has become such a huge hit! I even have guests asking about the stands!” 

In addition to her amazing praise and feedback, Sara let me in on a fun fact. She recently sent some of my stands to Chef Lorena Garcia to use for Christmas Brunch at Jennifer Lopez’s home. Lorena ended up leaving them there, which means something I hand crafted is at J-Lo’s home right now! The year has already brought so many delightful surprises, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. 

Check out these mouth watering photos of Sara’s Churro Towers. If you are visiting Las Vegas soon, be sure to dine at Chica! Make a reservation here. 

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