Have A DIY-Themed Staycay This Spring Break

Spring Break is a time for relaxation and a retreat from the stresses of everyday life. However, you don’t always have to travel far to have a good time. DIY projects are the perfect way to make the most of your Spring Break in the comfort of your home, while also saving money. Not to mention they will be a huge hit with kids who are out of school for the week! Here are a few DIY ideas for the ultimate staycay.

Plant Flowers

Spring is a season known for blooming flowers and plants, so what better way to celebrate than by planting your own flowers? Use my tall wooden flower pots to plant several different kinds of flowers, and enjoy watching them bloom. These unfinished wooden pots are also great for painting! Use your creativity to add a personal touch. Order them today!

Decorate Bird Houses

As the season approaches, the birds will as well. What better way to support the environment than by making a pleasant home for earth’s winged creatures? My unfinished wooden birdhouses come ready-to-decorate and paint. Check them out today!

Create Toothy Fairy Boxes

The Tooth Fairy keeps busy during the Spring too! What better way to hold those baby teeth than with a personalized box? Whether your kids want to keep their teeth in the box until the Tooth Fairy comes, or you want to use them as keepsake boxes, these unfinished wooden boxes are the perfect craft idea. Order yours today!

Whether you choose to travel or stay home, you can always find fun activities for Spring Break. Just enjoy yourself and have fun!  


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