Crafting: A Stress-Relieving Activity


Unfortunately, stress is an all to common phenomenon for many of us. However, did you know that DIY projects and crafting are super beneficial to your happiness? Here are a few reasons why crafting is deemed a stress-relieving activity.

Your mood will improve.

Studies show a correlation between crafting and our moods. In fact, the use of crafting to bring people together dates way back! Thousands of years ago, quilting offered women an escape from isolation. In addition, clay work has been shown to reduce adverse behavior.

Creativity allows people express themselves in a unique way and encourages a different outlook on life. This alternative perspective helps turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

Crafting helps relieve stress and anxiety.

Crafters experience a sense of satisfaction when finishing up their creation, which results in reduced stress. A study titled The Influence of Art Making on Anxiety: A Pilot Study, found that even minimal exposure to art can greatly reduce a person’s anxiety levels. Crafting also serves as an escape, allowing crafters to focus on the positives.

Experience more happiness.

DIY crafting is an activity that naturally triggers dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for happiness and bliss. In a study with 3,500 knitters, 81% of participants reported feeling happier and more at ease.
Picking up a hobby is fun and fulfilling. It gives us a necessary outlet to express ourselves and find joy. Feel free to browse through the HobKnobin site to find the perfect craft items!  

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