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Crafty DIY Activities For Men

Crafty DIY Activities For Men

Everyone can get crafty, including men! I receive a lot of product requests from men who are looking to get ...
My Wooden Stamps Used For Lemony Snicket Book

My Wooden Stamps Used For

What a wonderful opportunity! I had the pleasure of working with the incredibly talented Rilla Alexander, a famous children’s book ...
Such A Great Month For My Donut Stands!

Such A Great Month For My

Remember my previous blog on how my donut stands ended up at J-Lo’s? Well, the good news keeps on coming! ...
Redecorating Your Home… DIY Style

Redecorating Your Home… DIY

It’s crazy how expensive it can be to decorate your home. Skip the overpriced décor and craft your own DIY ...
Have A DIY-Themed Staycay This Spring Break

Have A DIY-Themed Staycay

Spring Break is a time for relaxation and a retreat from the stresses of everyday life. However, you don’t always ...
Crafting: A Stress-Relieving Activity

Crafting: A Stress-Relieving

Unfortunately, stress is an all to common phenomenon for many of us. However, did you know that DIY projects and ...
The Ultimate Wedding Décor

The Ultimate Wedding Décor

Happy National Wedding Month! To commemorate this special time, I thought I’d share my favorite wedding décor ideas. A wedding ...
How My Donut Stands Ended Up At J-Lo’s House!

How My Donut Stands Ended Up

2019 is already off to a great start! The Executive Pastry Chef of the Chica has been using my stands ...
Birthday Wooden Party Favor Ideas For Your Kiddos

Birthday Wooden Party Favor

Kid birthday parties can be so much fun! Deciding on the theme, decorations and activities make the days leading up ...
Endless Possibilities with These Multipurpose Wooden Bowls

Endless Possibilities with

These small wooden bowls are versatile, and with a bit of creativity, you can use them all over the house. ...