Back To School Must-Haves!

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again…back to school already! Time is really flying by, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s just me! I offer plenty of fun school/crafting supplies and educational games that could be a big help to your child’s learning process this year. Take a look below at these 4 back to school must-haves.

Wood Solar System

I created this bag filled with the 9 planets, including our sun and moon. They are made of solid maple wood and will be the talk of your child’s solar system school project. These planets are ready to be painted or stained by you. These solar system balls are ready to be drilled into if you will be hanging them from a device.

Wooden Solar System

Home School Sensory Tray

What better way to promote education then with this Back-to-School Sensory tray? Entertain your kids for hours with this natural wooden sensory tray kit. Let them write on the 7″ x 10″ chalkboard and practice spelling, math, trace or writing their name.

Sensory Tray

Craft Wooden Rectangles

These rounded wooden rectangles have so many great uses! School projects, educational games, or DIY magnets. Also perfect for a counting game!

Wooden Rectangles

Wooden Ruler

6″ long wooden rulers are not only great for school, but you can also get crafty by taking your 6″ ruler and make a keepsake picture frame or glue to the outside of a canister to create a fun flower pot or pencil desk caddy. Use your 6″ ruler as a bookmarker too!

Wooden Rules

Whether your kids are going to school in person or are learning from home, these pieces are perfect for your learning needs! Head to my homepage to start shopping!

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