Back To School Essentials

August is upon us, which means it’s Back To School time for a lot of parents and kiddos! I thought it would be fitting to provide a list of my favorite educational toys to add to your shopping list. Happy Crafting! 

Unfinished Wooden Spheres

These wooden spheres come in many sizes, and offer some creative educational uses! Make them your own by painting or staining them. Help your child visualize math problems by using them to count or sort. They will be such a helpful and fun tool that will encourage your child’s creativity while helping them learn. 

Bonus idea: You and your child can use these spheres and my wooden rings to create the planets! This makes for a great school project idea. Paint or stain them for a final touch! 

Wooden Blocks

These wooden blocks are so simple yet provide so many great educational uses! Paint, stain, stamp or wood burn them to add a personalized touch. They are great for your child to stack or count. 

Are you a teacher? They also make a great addition to any classroom.

Bonus Idea: My alphabet blocks are a colorful twist to the classic wooden blocks. They can help your child with the alphabet, and also make great décor for a nursery or classroom. 

Wooden Apples

My wooden apples are a must-have for the first day of school! Offer it as a cute gift for your child’s teacher. As a bundle, they can also be used as an educational game. Have your child count how many apples there are, then add and subtract from the pile. The possibilities are endless! Choose from my red, green or unfinished wood apples and between a stem or no stem.

Just a heads up that my Back To School sale is on until the end of August! Get 10% off any order in my Toying Around shop by using the code ‘Teach10’ at checkout. You don’t want to miss out. 

I wish you and your child a wonderful school season!

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