Four Christmas DIY Ideas To Ring In The Holidays

It is never too early to start your Christmas planning! What better way to ring in the holiday season than with some unique DIY holiday décor? I’ve rounded up four of my favorite christmas diy ideas that will add to the festivities in a more personalized way. Happy Crafting!  

Christmas DIY Wooden Trees

These small wooden trees are a great craft project to do with the whole family this holiday season. Paint and personalize them to create some adorable Christmas DIY tree ornaments and/ or additions to your miniature village. Each wooden tree is smooth to the touch and ready for your creative imagination.

Wooden Snowmen

Whether you are envisioning Frosty the Snowman or Olaf from Frozen, these wooden snowmen are just what you need! They are perfect for winter scenes, ornaments, stamping, wood burning, gift tags and more. Just add your own unique flair, and you’ve got the perfect addition to your Christmas DIY décor.  

Frozen Yo-Yos

I can’t think of a more festive holiday craft for your child than these Frozen yo-yos. Each yo-yo is handmade with Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff, creating an awesome festive spin on the beloved toy. They make the perfect party favor or stocking stuffer for the holiday season.

Christmas Wine Stoppers

Christmas isn’t just for the kids. These vibrant Christmas wine stoppers are sure to make an impression on your wine lover over the holidays. Pair it with their favorite bottle of wine and you have a perfect personalized gift! They also are the ideal size for stocking stuffers. The images are covered with many protective top layers, and can withstand many uses this holiday season.


5 Helpful DIY Tips for Beginners

DIY projects are not only a blast, but allow you to add a personal touch to your décor. So whether you are wanting to get into DIY crafts for the first time, or are an avid crafter looking to refresh your memory, I am here to offer some DIY tips. Happy Crafting!

Do Your Research

Before getting started, it is always a good idea to do some research on Google or at your local craft store. Necessary research includes safety tips, beginner dos and don’ts, and types of tools. For woodworking projects, knowing the types of wood is a good start as well.

Here’s a little cheat sheet of some inexpensive types of wood:

  • Basswood
    • a common wood
  • Beech
    • bends easily
    • easy to stain
    • difficult to use hand tools on
  • Pine
    • the most basic wood
    • widely used in modern furniture
  • Poplar
    • a moderately soft wood
    • stains well
    • lightweight
    • easy to use hand tools on
  • Pallet wood
    • usually strewn with nails (make sure all of the nails are removed before cutting)

Start Off Slow

If you are a true beginner, a key DIY tip is to start with the smaller projects first and steadily improve your skills.  These projects could include painting some candle holders or installing some wall hangers. Small projects such as these allow you to learn a set of skills and then move up. And, most importantly, you will have fun and not get overwhelmed. Smaller accomplishments will give you the confidence to tackle more. Once you build a solid foundation of skills, you can venture out and start being more adventurous.

Remember, Safety First

It is important to take the necessary precautions during your projects. Ensure that you always have high quality gloves and safety goggles when necessary. After all, a trip to the emergency room is the last thing you want!

Follow Through

A house or apartment full of unfinished DIY projects is just a cluttered reminder of all your attempts. To avoid that reminder, give yourself plenty of time to follow through on projects and finish what you start. Make sure time is on your side! Let’s face it; you most likely won’t go to the hardware store to pick up last-minute supplies at 10pm on a Friday. Start a project earlier in the day to give yourself plenty of time.

Get The Right Tools

Investing in quality tools will make your DIY projects that much easier. Basic tools include a hammer, spanner, saw and screwdriver.  When working with wood, there are specific tools that you should get as well.

Here are some great woodworking tools to start with:

  • Hand saw
    • good for quick, imperfect cuts
  • Jigsaws
    • small, cheap, and it’s easy to swap out blades for different materials
    • also good for organic, curved cuts
  • Sanding
    • sandpaper grit ranges from 20 to 1000 – 20 being super coarse and 1000 being extremely fine

4 Last-Minute DIY Wedding Accents That Will Transform Your Big Day

Planning a wedding often results in a large to-do list that includes booking the location, choosing the menu and band, determining a guest list, and so on and so forth. As a result, little details may fall by the wayside. If you are stressing about those last-minute personal touches, I am here to help you! Here are a few DIY wedding accents to give your big day that extra pop of color and character. Time to make your wedding feel more “you.” Happy Crafting!

Wooden Napkin Rings

Dine in style with these smooth wooden napkin ring holders. You have the freedom to leave them as is to match rustic wedding decor, or paint them to best fit your ambiance. Regardless, these gems add the personal touch you’ve been looking for.

Unity Wooden Candlesticks

Showcase your love with these unfinished wooden unity candlestick holders. These unity holders offer the perfect way to represent your bond, while symbolizing the joining together of the two families and/ or the joining of two individuals. Either way, these holders will add a beautiful accent.

Personalized Wine Stoppers

These personalized wedding wine stoppers make amazing party favor gifts. You are able to customize the image and wording on these wine stoppers so that they perfectly complement your special day. I recommend personalizing them with your name or adding the special date.

Scalloped Wooden Hearts

These wooden ruffle hearts add the DIY pizazz that your wedding needs. They are easy to paint or stain and are ready for you to personalize with your name or a special date. They are also widely used as adorable wedding guest books.


3 Fun-Tastic DIY Toy Ideas for the Kiddos

DIY toys keep your child creativity engaged, while providing activities that cater to their interests. Not to mention they allow you to spend some quality time with your child. Studies show that this parent and child collaboration is crucial to your child’s growth and development.

In this blog post, you will find some awesome DIY toy ideas to get the fun started! No batteries are required… just some imagination. Happy Crafting!

The Ultimate Party Toys

Flip Flop Tops


Plop In The Top

It’s a race against the clock as you see who can get the ball in the cup the most times.

Transform and personalize this classic game with a little acrylic paint. These gems make the perfect DIY game to play at a party or take home as party favors.

Flip Flop Tops

Almost as much fun as their name, these DIY wooden flip flop tops will be your child’s favorite wooden toy. They actually flip on their axis and continue to spin on the opposite side that you spun them from.  Paint it, spin it or flip it! These flip flop tops will certainly be at the top of anyone’s party favor list.

Wooden Bowling Pins

No need to actually go to a bowling alley. Bring it to you with these wooden bowling pins! They are ready to paint, wood burn or decorate, and make a great kids craft activity.


Miniature Milk Crate


Miniature Trees

Let your child’s imagination soar with these miniature trees. The possibilities are endless! Add them to a dollhouse, paint and personalize them for ornaments and more! Each wood tree is smooth to the touch and ready to craft.

Miniature Wood Barrels

Your child’s pretend miniature land will become more real with some authentic, adorable miniature wooden barrels. These 10 miniature unfinished wood barrels can be used as pickle barrels, oil barrels or whatever your child’s creative mind comes up with. They are ready to be painted, stained, stamped or added to your miniature craft project.

Miniature Milk Crate

Who ever thought a milk crate could be so cute? These adorable milk crates can store up to six miniature milk bottles, so your child’s dollhouse or play farmhouse will always be stocked. Plus, paint them the color of your choice.

Time to Play House

Wooden Rolling Pins


Wooden Rolling Pins

These wooden rolling pins bring out the best in your child’s imagination. Made out of a hard maple wood and smooth to the touch, these rolling pins are ready to paint, woodburn or stamp.

Here are some fun-tastic ideas for playtime:

  • Roll out your play dough
  • Paint for a birthday DIY activity
  • Play house



4 Ways To Transform Your Home (DIY Style)

Who needs a professional decorator? With some creativity and the right supplies, you can spruce up your place in no time with some DIY interior decorating. Here are a few must-have wooden DIY supplies to get you started. Go ahead and let out your inner interior designer.

Curtain and Window Treatments

Curtains are the perfect accent for any room. With my easy-to-assemble dowel rod and end caps, you can hang up some curtains that fit nicely with the aesthetic of your home.

When it comes to picking out the style, let your creative juices flow! Maybe pull in a hue from your color palette with a solid or patterned window treatment. Or you could go bold and make a statement with colorful patterned curtains. For a more subtle style, try a neutral patterned curtain or drape. Whatever you choose, curtains can transform your home from drab to fab in no time and are a must for any DIY interior decorating venture.

Pillar Candles

Candles create such a welcoming and relaxing aura for both you and your guests. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating with candles. Cluster them, use a variety of heights, use different scents, use unscented and get some stylish candle holders… the list goes on and on.

Elegance will be your middle name after guests see these wooden pillar candle holders. With a beautiful white satin finish, these candle holders are the missing piece of your décor. Purchase them as is or order them in a custom size or color so they can really match your style!

Wall Art

Spruce up your walls with some DIY wooden squares. My 3″ wooden squares are sanded and ready to be stained, painted or decorated as you see fit. This is where your creativity can run a muck. And if you need some ideas, Pinterest is there to help.

I personally love them as jumbo scrabble art for a child’s room. Hang their name on the wall or spell it out on a bookshelf. This DIY craft brings the joy of an all-time favorite game to life.

Custom Wine Stoppers

Let’s move on to the kitchen, where you will find that even the littlest accents make a huge difference. My wine stoppers come in over 40 different designs, allowing you to choose one that fits nicely with your décor. They are the perfect conversation pieces, and are such an easy accessory to add to your favorite bottle of wine. Vino lovers will surely be impressed.



3 DIY Crafting Party Ideas

3 DIY Crafting Party Ideas

Summer is officially here, which means bring on the parties! Be it a BBQ, pool party or birthday celebration, no get-together is complete without some DIY magic. A DIY crafting party offers a fun and interactive activity to be enjoyed by all ages, no matter the occasion.

Below are some must-have supplies to get the party started. Happy Crafting!

Wooden Yo-Yos

This one is for the kiddos. Bring these yo-yos to life with your favorite paint colors and design. As a bonus, both adults and kids can join in on the yo-yo tricks after painting them. Some fun DIY activities include hand painting, decorating with embellishments, wood burning or stamping!

Multi-Purpose Wood Jars

These jars not only make a fun DIY crafting party activity, but are very functional accessories. The options are endless. Showcase them on your desk or table. Add them to your wedding decor. If you have a young child, they make the perfect Tooth Fairy boxes. Whatever the use, these wooden jars will be a favorite at your crafting party. Just remember to supply guests with the necessary tools to paint, stain or stamp them.

DIY Wooden Rings

No DIY crafting party would be complete without these fantastic wooden rings. There are so many uses for them, I hope I don’t leave any out! They are sure to add to the fun of any event. Use them as wedding napkin rings (size 1.5″), key chains, ring toss (size 3″), teethers (size 3″), play silk streamers or ornaments (for a great holiday DIY activity).

For more DIY inspo and ideas, shop my store today!


Which Craft Shop Do you Choose?

When you need craft supplies, do you have one store that you prefer over another? Or do you just run to whatever store is closest? Most people probably have a preference, for a lot of different reasons.

Michael’s Crafts, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and even WalMart have good selections of items for many kinds of crafters. Each store, however, has its own benefits and downsides.

For example, Michael’s and JoAnn’s both accept competitor coupons. Not only do they accept them, but most stores will allow a customer to use multiple coupons in the same transaction! Hobby Lobby only accepts it’s own coupons, and I’ve never seen one for more than 40% off a regular priced item.

Another influencing factor is convenience and customer service. For this reason, Hobby Lobby generally falls to the bottom of my list. I can’t stand that they still key in every price, and the cashiers are expected to remember every item that is on sale that week. I’ve had to make corrections more times than I can count! The lines get long and I am always among many grumbly customers by the time I leave.

A plus for Hobby lobby, however, is their great selection of items. I can walk out of the store with cake decorating supplies, yarn, artwork, and even clothing items- I just bought my son a hat! I can lose hours in many craft stores, but Hobby Lobby certainly has a variety on their list of pros. Michael’s and JoAnn’s have stepped up their home décor offerings recently, but they still can’t hold a candle to Hobby Lobby’s selection.

Whatever store is your favorite, you can bet that you’ll find whatever you need to make your project a success. Happy crafting!


Why is it Important to Shop Small Businesses?

Can you name the last small business you supported? Was it sometime in the last week? Month? Year? If you can’t, you aren’t alone. But imagine your street, town or city without any of those places. You’d miss them!

There are many movements afoot to get people to shop small and local. Small Business Saturday and Independent We Stand are just two examples of organizations trying to get the word out. But why is shopping small or local important?

The first reason to shop local is to support your local economy. Taxes from businesses in your area go to support your local schools, libraries, streets, etc. Small businesses pay taxes directly into the same pool of money that you do!

In addition, by supporting a small local business, you are helping the owner of that business. They can keep their business running, and also buy the things their family needs, thereby keeping your money in your community. In addition, many small businesses are more likely to give back to the community in the form of service or charity than a large corporation would be.

Customer service is another big pull towards small businesses. A smaller operation with fewer customers and less overhead is more able to help you meet your needs than a big box store would be. Most small business owners want to keep their customers happy by going above and beyond your expectations!

Small businesses also bring in more small businesses! By increasing diversity in their offerings in a successful way, local businesses signal to others that they too can be successful! More entrepreneurs with more offerings increase the small business marketplace, creating opportunities for everyone. By shopping small, you are contributing not only to the proprietor of the business, but to your community as well.


I Just Read Your Feedback


Have you seen links to humorous Amazon reviews and followed them? They are usually left as jokes on funny products, but are sometimes written as actual feedback for a product that the customer was either extremely happy or dissatisfied with. While we may not take those reviews seriously, actual product reviews and feedback for small businesses on the web are invaluable.


In many cases, online feedback is taking the place of “word-of-mouth” recommendations for small businesses. Rather than asking a trusted resource, many people will use a search engine to find what they are looking for and then read the reviews to determine whether or not to trust a business. If there are no reviews, most people will simply move on to the next option.


Customers look for information on products, as well as shipping efficiency, communication, and ease of ordering. All of that information is important to evaluate when you are leaving a review. Your reviews don’t need to be long and involved, but make sure you cover the bases of your experience!


Feedback and reviews are also an excellent way for a business owner to evaluate their products and customer service. Prior to leaving a negative review, however, you should reach out to the business to attempt to work out your issues. No business wants to see negative feedback and most will go out of their way to try to fix whatever went wrong. Only after attempting to communicate with the business should you leave negative or critical feedback. After receiving reviews, many business owners will reevaluate their offerings to better fit their customer’s needs. In some cases, neutral or negative feedback is all it takes to completely change how a business does things!


Leaving feedback for an online business is so important to both the business owner and other potential customers. Reading feedback helps to establish trust and assists the business in bringing in new clients. We appreciate every bit of feedback we receive and will always use it to improve on our offerings.



Why Should I Choose Wooden Toys Over Plastic Ones?

Why Should I Choose Wooden Toys Over Plastic Ones?

When choosing toys for your children, there are many questions that might pop into your head. What will he like? Does it have educational value? Will it be durable enough to last her a long time? Is it safe?

Parents and caregivers are faced with endless choices! One of those choices when choosing playthings is wooden vs. plastic. The material your child’s toys are made of can help answer a lot of those questions.

Have you heard the expression, “They don’t make them like they used to?” Plastic toys tend to be made overseas of cheap materials in order to remain cost effective for the manufacturer. Many times these items break or fall apart and end up in a landfill. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are durable and built to last- not just through one childhood but many!

Many plastic toys also contain harmful chemicals that you certainly don’t want in your child’s mouth! The manufacturing process uses such things as phthalates that can leach out of the plastic. Natural, wooden toys will not have such issues.

Wooden toys are also better for the environment in many ways. The plastic manufacturing process produces chemical waste that has to go somewhere. In addition, since plastic toys are not as durable, they end up as non-recyclable trash that doesn’t break down.

Lastly, wooden toys are more stimulating to the mind. Plastic toys that light up, play music, and generally do all the “work” of play for your child are not engaging their brains. Wooden toys require a child to use their imagination! They are also less distracting than their plastic counterparts, since they don’t stimulate the senses without input from the child.