Back To School Must-Haves!

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again…back to school already! Time is really flying by, isn’t it? Or maybe it’s just me! I offer plenty of fun school/crafting supplies and educational games that could be a big help to your child’s learning process this year. Take a look below at these 4 back to school must-haves.

Wood Solar System

I created this bag filled with the 9 planets, including our sun and moon. They are made of solid maple wood and will be the talk of your child’s solar system school project. These planets are ready to be painted or stained by you. These solar system balls are ready to be drilled into if you will be hanging them from a device.

Wooden Solar System

Home School Sensory Tray

What better way to promote education then with this Back-to-School Sensory tray? Entertain your kids for hours with this natural wooden sensory tray kit. Let them write on the 7″ x 10″ chalkboard and practice spelling, math, trace or writing their name.

Sensory Tray

Craft Wooden Rectangles

These rounded wooden rectangles have so many great uses! School projects, educational games, or DIY magnets. Also perfect for a counting game!

Wooden Rectangles

Wooden Ruler

6″ long wooden rulers are not only great for school, but you can also get crafty by taking your 6″ ruler and make a keepsake picture frame or glue to the outside of a canister to create a fun flower pot or pencil desk caddy. Use your 6″ ruler as a bookmarker too!

Wooden Rules

Whether your kids are going to school in person or are learning from home, these pieces are perfect for your learning needs! Head to my homepage to start shopping!


5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer!

Four Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy this Summer!

Summer is finally here! That means endless hours of sunshine, outdoor activities, and smiles. However, if you have kids, that means a whooole lot of hours to keep them busy! Luckily, I have just the solution. I’ve put together a list of four DIY crafts from my shop that will keep your kids occupied in a fun way this summer!

Wooden Rings

These rings come in all different sizes! Perfect for a DIY ring toss game, decorative ornaments, teethers, or other DIY craft projects. Leave them natural or decorate them to your liking!

ring toss

Wooden People

Paint them and use your imagination! These little wooden people are great for a dollhouse, play-pretend, and to decorate! These are also perfect for cake toppers or toy-car games and can be purchased in different sizes.

wooden people

Wooden Scoop

Do your kids like to dig? These wooden scoops (available in different sizes) are great not only for a DIY paint project but can be used to dig outside! They also work great in kids’ kitchen pretend playsets and as party favors.

wooden scoop with lady bugs

Wavy Fan Sticks

These unfinished wood sticks work well for crafts, fan sticks, dowel rods, paddles, you name it. Build a tiny tabletop house or even create marketing material. These wavy fan sticks are a staple if you are a DIYer like me!

All of these items are available for purchase on my website! Let’s have a happy and safe summer!


Crafty DIY Easter Decorations

Easter is just around the corner! A holiday perfect for creating DIY decorations that will keep you and your little ones busy AND make your home look festive! I put together a list of a few of my products that will add a little extra pizazz to your Easter spirit!

2” Wooden Easter Eggs

These eggs are perfect for your Easter decorations! Make it even more fun by decorating them to your liking, adding paint, glitter, and designs!

They are also great for pretend play in the kitchen or can be used with building blocks.


Doughnut Stands

These doughnut stands make the perfect Easter brunch centerpiece! Whether you are craving something sweet (like a doughnut) or salty (like a bagel!) these stands will display your food in a gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing way.



Wooden Bowls

These 2.5” bowls can be decorated and used to hold spices or condiments at the Easter dinner table. They can also be used for storing jewelry or as a toy kitchen play bowl for kids!


My Little Sensory Tray: Easter

This Easter toy sensory kit is perfect for the little ones! Not only will it keep them busy but they are perfect to show off on a small table display once decorated!

Add your own dry beans or rice for more scooping fun! 



Five DIY Party Planning Must-Haves

It’s almost Springtime and that means warm weather, longer days, and blooming flowers! If you’re having a celebration soon; whether it be a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or graduation, these DIY party planning items are perfect for personalizing your party

 1. Cake Stand

If you’re having a dessert table, I always love to recommend my cake stand because it’s so versatile! You can use it to display your cake, hold cupcakes, or other sweet treats for your dessert table. It comes unfinished and ready to be personalized to fit your party’s needs.

Purchase Cake Stands Here

2. Rustic Ring Napkin Holders

These rustic ring napkin holders are an especially cute accent for weddings, but also look nice for table settings at dinner parties, or other more formal celebrations. During this pandemic, I’ve seen more people opt for backyard dinner or events, and these rustic napkins are the perfect touch to make your table setting pop.

Purchase Rustic Ring Napkin Holders here

3. Fan Sticks

These fan sticks are versatile and can be used in a few different ways. If it’s a hot day, these can be used at a children’s birthday party to make fans. They can also be used to make props for a photo booth at a party or wedding, or even used to make fun invitations!

Purchase Fan Sticks here

4. Natural Wine Stopper

These wine stoppers come unfinished and ready for your party to decorate! These are a hit at bachelorette parties, paint parties, and bridal showers. They can be a fun craft or can even be turned into a personalized party favor.

Purchase Natural Wine Stoppers here

5. Plop in the top

If you’re looking for party favor items, plop in the top is a great gift that won’t be wasted. It is a quality-made product and will keep kids entertained for hours-no batteries needed!

Purchase Plop in the Top here

If you have a party or event coming up, be sure to check out these fun DIYs for your party, and don’t forget to tag me @hobknobin on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!



3 New Must-Have Items

Happy New Year and happy January! It’s finally 2021! I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I couldn’t be happier to leave 2020 behind. Now that it’s a brand new year, I’ve released some new items that I can’t wait to share. Here are three great items in my shop that will lead to lots of creativity and fun:


  1. Mystery Box

assortment of wooden items


Start your year off with a surprise! Every box is unique and includes a grab bag of toys, loose parts, and other wooden items for a child or crafter’s dream! This box is great for you if you want a variety of loose parts but don’t have the time to search for them. Most pieces are unfinished and it’s the perfect excuse to let your imagination run wild with all these parts!


  1. My Little Sensory Tray-Easter Addition


Sensory trays are a great brain break for little ones, especially young children that are constantly staring at screens all day. My newest Easter addition sensory tray is perfect for spring time (and just about every other time of year)! Sensory trays are great to help young children with fine motor skills, counting, shapes, and color recognition. The tray comes unfinished and could make for a fun painting afternoon with your little one!


  1. Natural Forest Set

wooden trees

This set of wooden trees will lead to ultimate creativity and fun. The possibilities are endless with these trees: perhaps your child uses them in play or uses them for decoration. This set is also great for learning and can be implemented into many different lessons. No batteries are required for this toy set and the results are endless amounts of fun and creativity.



Hobknobin’s Holiday Gift Guide

This year’s holiday season looks a little different. Some may not be able to spend the holidays with loved ones this year. Gatherings might look smaller with some missing, or many gatherings might be spent entirely on Zoom. No matter what your holidays will look like this season, make sure you take some time for yourself to relax, recharge, and be present.

If you’re unsure what to gift those in your life this holiday season, look no further! I have put together a holiday gift guide for even the toughest of gift receivers-I’m looking at you, dads! When you order a gift from my shop you’re directly supporting a local business. Not only that, but I offer fast shipping to ensure your gifts make it with plenty of time to spare!


For the women in your life, whether it be a mom, grandma, wife, or sister, a festive wine stopper is always sure to please! I sell a variety in my shop and you’re sure to find the perfect one.


If the woman in your life doesn’t drink wine, you can never go wrong with jewelry! If she has a lot of necklaces or bracelets, the wood jewelry stands are perfect for keeping jewelry organized and untangled! They come unfinished so you can add your unique touch painting them however you’d like.


If you’re shopping for a sporty man in your life who likes baseball, the wood baseball stand is the perfect gift for someone who has a baseball to display. Maybe a caught foul ball, a signed baseball, or one from coaching. The stand comes unfinished so you can paint and personalize it any way you like. 

If the man in your life doesn’t care for baseball, I have some other great items in my shop! Check out my wine stoppers with golf, motorcycles, and other festive designs, baseball pens, and even unfinished birdhouses if the man in your life likes birdwatching. 

I have a ton of items to gift as presents for children, but the ones I most recommend are my sensory trays. Our children are bombarded with technology and screens and gifting a toy that doesn’t even require batteries but requires a lot of imagination instead will help foster their creative thinking skills and imagination. I recommend this festive sensory tray kit:


No matter what your holidays look like this year, I hope you’re able to enjoy them with the people you love. Like always, please tag me in your creations: @Hobknobin


Why Your Children Need Loose Parts

These days, it seems we have started to stray away from fancy, technologically advanced toys and are returning to our roots with simplistic loose parts. “What are loose parts?,” you may be wondering. Loose parts are usually made from wood and include items such as clothespins, rings, spools, balls, sticks, coins, and much more. Loose parts are meant to be simple to allow for maximum freedom. Giving your child loose parts will allow them to have fun with their imagination, as they can be used for stacking, grouping, or creating new fun games to play. 

These loose parts are great for developing hand-eye coordination in younger kids, shape and color recognition, learning, and so much more. Since loose parts are made of wood, you have many options when it comes to color! Taking a day to paint the parts with your child could be a fun learning experience and craft day.

A good way to get started with loose parts is by purchasing a sensory toy kit. There are a few different sensory kits for sale in my Etsy shop, ToyingAround.

This sensory tray offers a variety of loose parts to stimulate your child’s imagination. The peg people are perfect for decorating and dressing up. The bucket and scoop are great for helping your child with motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This sensory tray set offers bigger peg people, coins and a scoop, and rings. The rings are perfect for stacking and the coins can be great to use in games.

This last sensory tray set is cooking-themed and comes with a rolling pill, table, and kitchen-themed tray. The opportunities with this tray are endless and your children are sure to be entertained for hours as they use their imaginations with these loose parts.

I offer a few more sensory tray sets in my Etsy shop if you’re interested in more loose parts:


Five Wedding Must-Haves

Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from planning your special day. There are plenty of affordable, DIY options for various wedding accents and decorations. Here are five must-haves for your perfect wedding!

Rustic Ring Napkin Holders

These wood napkin holders are perfect if your theme is rustic and/or if you are having an outdoor reception. These napkin holders are hand painted to give them the washed out effect. They’re made with non-toxic acrylic paint and are sure to be a hit!

Monogram Wedding Wine Stoppers

If you’re going to put together a cute gift basket for your bridesmaids, these monogrammed wine stoppers are a great little addition. All you have to do is pair them with a bottle of wine! Explore my shop for some additional bridesmaid-themed wine stoppers. 

Cake Stand

If you’re in need of a cake stand, look no further! And if you already have a cake stand, this wooden stand is perfect for holding centerpiece items! It comes unfinished and looks great painted or stained to fit the theme of your wedding. It’s a must-have to make your wedding that much more unique.

Unfinished Wood Hearts

These hearts are extremely versatile and can be used for just about anything. A great example would be to use these for seating arrangements. Another idea is to have guests use them to write a sweet message for the bride and groom. The possibilities with these hearts are endless!

Wooden Peg People

You can decorate these wooden peg dolls any way you’d like. The most popular option is to decorate them as the bride and groom for your cake topper. Allow your creativity and personalization to take over!

Hope you enjoyed these wedding must-haves! If you incorporate any of these items in your wedding, please tag me in your posts! @HobKnobin 


5 Must-Have Wooden Fall Items

Fall is officially here! The weather is cooler and crisper, the days are getting shorter, and the leaves are changing colors—you gotta love it! Here are five wooden items from my shop that are perfect for your fall decorating.


Wooden candlesticks are the perfect accent piece for fall. They come in a variety of sizes and you can paint them in seasonal colors to warm up your space for the cooler weather.

Maple Leaves

I sell these unfinished maple leaves in my Etsy shop and they’re so versatile! DIY influencer Kristin Kay used my leaves to create this amazing fall decoration. Maple leaves are a great way to add some seasonal décor to your home.

Split Wood Balls

Split wood balls are frequently used to make beautiful wreaths, like this one by Lolly & Jane! You can purchase the loop, along with the fall decorative flowers, at your local craft store. These wreaths are super simple to make and are the perfect way to brighten the outside of your house.

Fall Wine Stoppers

A must-have for the fall are these fall-themed wine stoppers! They come in 30 different designs and are a great seasonal item for all wine and fall lovers alike!

Tip: They’re also a great gift for any wine-loving friends with fall birthdays. 

My Little Sensory Tray

If you are a parent, guardian, or educator with young learners, a sensory tray is the perfect brain break for your young learners. Especially with many schools doing virtual learning, kids are spending more time in front of screens than ever before. Nothing beats the kinesthetic value of a sensory tray, especially for young learners who are still developing their fine motor skills. This sensory tray is great for fall because it includes trees, maple leaves, acorns, and other little fun items.

If you create any of these fall-themed crafts or purchase any of my fall-themed items, be sure to tag me in your post! @Hobknobin


Five Back-to-(Virtual) School DIY Learning Projects

Time to sharpen those pencils and pack that sack lunch, because it’s that time of year again! Only this time, the 2020-2021 school year is looking quite different for most students. For a lot of schools, the school year will begin online. This unprecedented event presents many parents with new challenges, such as setting up virtual learning areas in their homes and navigating the “teacher” role so to speak. 

So how can you keep your child engaged with their school work when it’s completely online? Well, I have some ideas! These five back-to-(virtual) school DIYs cover a variety of school subjects and can be manipulated to any specific topic your student may be learning. These DIY projects are best suited for (but not limited to) young learners.    

Apple Box

This unfinished apple is actually a jar and is the perfect activity for a young child. I also sell smaller sized apples in my shop that fit in the jar. You can use this activity with your child to play counting games or perhaps use it as a reward system for good behavior. Another great DIY with this project is to have your child decorate their apple and keep it on their desk while they work.

ABC Blocks

These ABC blocks are extremely versatile and can be used as a tool for many spelling and reading games. They’re perfect for younger learners. There are many fun games you can play, such as assigning your child a random letter and seeing how many words they can make with that letter, writing stories, etc. I recommend you purchase two sets of blocks from my shop for more spelling options.

Solar System DIY

This solar system set comes unfinished so the painting possibilities are endless! It’s the perfect science project for young students who are learning about the Solar System. This could turn into a fun project by having your child research fun facts or information about each planet. It’s a great science project that is sure to keep them busy for a while.

Sensory Toy Kit

This little sensory kit includes many different toys and pieces—the perfect way to entertain young ones for hours. You can even add dry rice or beans to elevate the sensory experience. There are many different DIYs and games that can be played with this kit, and because it’s a hands-on activity, it’s the perfect break from all the screen time and virtual learning. 

Plop in the Top Game

This last DIY is a fun and simple game to give to small children. It’s a great game for young kids because it helps them improve their hand-eye coordination. The toys also come unfinished so it can also be used as a separate art project to do with younger kids.

Please tag @Hobknobin on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you decide to implement any of these back-to-school DIY’s with your children this school year!