5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer!

Four Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy this Summer!

Summer is finally here! That means endless hours of sunshine, outdoor activities, and smiles. However, if you have kids, that means a whooole lot of hours to keep them busy! Luckily, I have just the solution. I’ve put together a list of four DIY crafts from my shop that will keep your kids occupied in a fun way this summer!

Wooden Rings

These rings come in all different sizes! Perfect for a DIY ring toss game, decorative ornaments, teethers, or other DIY craft projects. Leave them natural or decorate them to your liking!

ring toss

Wooden People

Paint them and use your imagination! These little wooden people are great for a dollhouse, play-pretend, and to decorate! These are also perfect for cake toppers or toy-car games and can be purchased in different sizes.

wooden people

Wooden Scoop

Do your kids like to dig? These wooden scoops (available in different sizes) are great not only for a DIY paint project but can be used to dig outside! They also work great in kids’ kitchen pretend playsets and as party favors.

wooden scoop with lady bugs

Wavy Fan Sticks

These unfinished wood sticks work well for crafts, fan sticks, dowel rods, paddles, you name it. Build a tiny tabletop house or even create marketing material. These wavy fan sticks are a staple if you are a DIYer like me!

All of these items are available for purchase on my website! Let’s have a happy and safe summer!

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