5 DIY Thanksgiving Crafts For The Kiddos

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s time for some quality moments with the family! And what better way to create memories than with some holiday-themed crafts? Here are a few of my favorites.

Wooden Bowls 

These wooden bowls will perfectly hold your spices and condiments for Thanksgiving dinner. Paint them in fall colors and/or decorate them with turkeys and fall leaves. Whatever you choose to do, these bowls will add the perfect personalized touch to your Thanksgiving dinner table. 

Unfinished Wooden Cones

Let your creativity shine with these DIY wooden cones! Made of solid maple wood, these cones can be made into trees and used in your Thanksgiving display. They are smooth to the touch, and can easily be painted. 

Wooden Acorns

Acorns make the perfect fall décor! Paint them in the color of your choice, and display them in bowls or scatter them on your Thanksgiving table. Afterwards, they even make a fun counting or sorting game to play with the kids! 

Wooden People

These wooden people are ready to come alive with your imagination. Paint them for your Thanksgiving display! They make great little pilgrims or can represent the people in your life you are grateful for.

Napkin Ring Holders

Set your Thanksgiving table in style with these wooden colonial napkin ring holders. They can be painted, woodburned, stained or stamped to add your personalized touch. Have the kids help, and you can start a fun family Thanksgiving tradition.

These DIY projects result in great décor and centerpieces for your holiday dinner. Happy Crafting!

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