3 Thanksgiving DIY Crafts The Whole Family Will Enjoy

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so I thought I’d share some adorable Thanksgiving DIY crafts to get you in the holiday spirit. These DIY projects result in great decor and centerpieces for your holiday dinner. Happy Crafting!

Little Wooden Pilgrims

These wooden figures are ready to come to life with a little paint and your imagination. They make the ultimate Thanksgiving DIY crafts! Fashion them into pilgrims for kids play or put on display. You can use your creativity and have fun with the colors and setup!

Wooden Acorns

These wooden acorns are a fall favorite and make the perfect Thanksgiving DIY crafts. I can think of no better Thanksgiving centerpiece! You can also get your child in on the holiday decorating by having them help stain or paint them. Add some glitter for extra flair! After painting, add to a glass bowl and show off you acorn creations to all of your guests!

Wooden Cupcake Stands

Now for dessert! Display your yummy Thanksgiving goodies on a wooden tiered cupcake stand. It makes an eye catching centerpiece to any holiday function. Have the entire family join in on the fun by painting or staining it in the color of your choice.

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