3 New Must-Have Items

Happy New Year and happy January! It’s finally 2021! I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I couldn’t be happier to leave 2020 behind. Now that it’s a brand new year, I’ve released some new items that I can’t wait to share. Here are three great items in my shop that will lead to lots of creativity and fun:


  1. Mystery Box

assortment of wooden items


Start your year off with a surprise! Every box is unique and includes a grab bag of toys, loose parts, and other wooden items for a child or crafter’s dream! This box is great for you if you want a variety of loose parts but don’t have the time to search for them. Most pieces are unfinished and it’s the perfect excuse to let your imagination run wild with all these parts!


  1. My Little Sensory Tray-Easter Addition


Sensory trays are a great brain break for little ones, especially young children that are constantly staring at screens all day. My newest Easter addition sensory tray is perfect for spring time (and just about every other time of year)! Sensory trays are great to help young children with fine motor skills, counting, shapes, and color recognition. The tray comes unfinished and could make for a fun painting afternoon with your little one!


  1. Natural Forest Set

wooden trees

This set of wooden trees will lead to ultimate creativity and fun. The possibilities are endless with these trees: perhaps your child uses them in play or uses them for decoration. This set is also great for learning and can be implemented into many different lessons. No batteries are required for this toy set and the results are endless amounts of fun and creativity.


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