3 Fun-Tastic DIY Toy Ideas for the Kiddos

DIY toys keep your child creativity engaged, while providing activities that cater to their interests. Not to mention they allow you to spend some quality time with your child. Studies show that this parent and child collaboration is crucial to your child’s growth and development.

In this blog post, you will find some awesome DIY toy ideas to get the fun started! No batteries are required… just some imagination. Happy Crafting!

The Ultimate Party Toys

Flip Flop Tops


Plop In The Top

It’s a race against the clock as you see who can get the ball in the cup the most times.

Transform and personalize this classic game with a little acrylic paint. These gems make the perfect DIY game to play at a party or take home as party favors.

Flip Flop Tops

Almost as much fun as their name, these DIY wooden flip flop tops will be your child’s favorite wooden toy. They actually flip on their axis and continue to spin on the opposite side that you spun them from.  Paint it, spin it or flip it! These flip flop tops will certainly be at the top of anyone’s party favor list.

Wooden Bowling Pins

No need to actually go to a bowling alley. Bring it to you with these wooden bowling pins! They are ready to paint, wood burn or decorate, and make a great kids craft activity.


Miniature Milk Crate


Miniature Trees

Let your child’s imagination soar with these miniature trees. The possibilities are endless! Add them to a dollhouse, paint and personalize them for ornaments and more! Each wood tree is smooth to the touch and ready to craft.

Miniature Wood Barrels

Your child’s pretend miniature land will become more real with some authentic, adorable miniature wooden barrels. These 10 miniature unfinished wood barrels can be used as pickle barrels, oil barrels or whatever your child’s creative mind comes up with. They are ready to be painted, stained, stamped or added to your miniature craft project.

Miniature Milk Crate

Who ever thought a milk crate could be so cute? These adorable milk crates can store up to six miniature milk bottles, so your child’s dollhouse or play farmhouse will always be stocked. Plus, paint them the color of your choice.

Time to Play House

Wooden Rolling Pins


Wooden Rolling Pins

These wooden rolling pins bring out the best in your child’s imagination. Made out of a hard maple wood and smooth to the touch, these rolling pins are ready to paint, woodburn or stamp.

Here are some fun-tastic ideas for playtime:

  • Roll out your play dough
  • Paint for a birthday DIY activity
  • Play house


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